Brent Rustand

Brent Rustand was born in Kamloops, BC in 1996. He is currently a Master of Applied Science Student in the field of Mechanical Engineering. He graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in 2018 in Electrical Engineering. Brent’s research passion is to help medical professionals perform operations as competently and efficiently as possible and decrease adverse events in the operating room and after. He is currently working on a coronary artery surgical simulator to help surgeons to be able to practice the operation in a safe and realistic environment. For Brent’s future work, he wants to continue to work in the laboratory developing other tools and simulators to mimic different surgical scenarios and operations to further the medical community’s minds regarding these procedures.


Sloos T, Rustand B, Liu X, Keegan C, Sourki R, Milani AS. A multi-criteria decision analysis of implanted biomedical device antenna: electro-thermal simulation, design, and data analysis. SIMULATION. 2022;98(10):863-873. doi:10.1177/00375497221094846