Research Team

Dr. Hadi Mohammadi leads the HVPL and is a mechanical (biomedical) engineer with hands-on experience in the design of many engineering structures and medical devices through various projects that he has been involved in over the past few years. He is an industry innovator having created the technology to produce lifelike synthetic platforms that can be used for the simulation of almost all cardiovascular reconstructive surgeries. Among his other scientific activities, analysis and optimization of engineering structures (pipelines, containers, tanks, pressure vessels), artificial lift technology (mechanical problems in oil recovery industry), vibration in mechanical systems and dynamic analysis (collapse load), optimization of frames, shell, and inflatable structures (rigs, cranes, elevators), and fatigue and fracture analysis, are noticeable.  He worked for a few years as a consultant, research engineer and team leader for a variety of companies. In his last industrial position prior to joining UBC, he served as a technical advisor at Trican Well Service LTD working on unconventional sources of energy. He’s been heavily involved in the design and development of cardiovascular devices and technology for the past 10 years. He is a member of the association of professional engineers in the provinces of Alberta and BC.

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Dylan Vause
Undergraduate Research Assistant – Machining of iValve